BLM: It is About You

But it’s not just about you.  Toni Morrison said sometime this week that it was about fear of losing white privilege that elected Trump. Totally true.

However, this same week LGBT groups (my group) are directly under fire with this bill passed by the house this week.

Fear of “The Other” has traditionally been aimed mostly at Black Americans in our nation’s history. I’m not denying that. I just want all of us minorities to come together in common cause in order that we all may enjoy freedom.  Hang together or fall separately. That sort of thing.

Let’s do this together.



How Clinton Lost, IMO

People always want Grand Unified Theories, but there isn’t any for this. Clinton lost because of a number of factors. She lost because many feel like they are not heard, so why bother. She lost because she got complacent about where she was in actuality versus where she was versus the polls. She lost because The ubiquitous ‘they” cheated. DJT, the RNC, the FBI, and most of the national media all put their thumbs on the scales. She lost because of Russian interference. She lost because of Comey’s email vendetta. And, she lost because it is just where things are headed. Brexit, etc, is showing us that many many people want a firm hand in charge to save them from foreigners, climate change, “the gays”, etc.  It isn’t rational but that’s what living in fear gets us, every single time.

The moral here is that most people will look for simple causes and easy scapegoats, Liberals and conservatives alike, but life is rarely that accommodating. It’s messy and bound to get messier from here on. These are the times we live in.

Here We Go Again

Here go again.  Really I should just make another blog, because I’ve tried to resurrect this blog so many times it’s embarrassing at this point. But we’ll give it another whirl.  I just need a place to be able to vent and collect my thought, develop myself philosophically. I will be very political, but hopefully, thoughtfully so.

NRA Life Membership

My dad has had a life membership in the NRA for 20+ years and even he is getting tired of the power these guys have in contemporary society. He balks at giving up his membership in protest, however, for reasons rather unclear to me.

“I intend this membership ironically!”

That’s the best I can come up with for his train of thought. I admit to being a tad confused.

Armstrong came out on Oprah as having in…

Armstrong came out on Oprah as having in fact doping his way to victory. This is the stuff of moral ambiguity that writers dream of. Look at all the good he has done from his Livestrong Foundation. A foundation which would probably not have existed if he hadn’t cheated. So Armstrong = Evil on balance. Or Good? *short circuit*

That and A Bag of Chips

Tod Akin must be what the ancients Greeks meant when they first coined the word ‘hubris.’ He just thinks he’s all that and that everyone should understand that he’s just wonderful. He has God in his back pocket, after all. So now it looks as if he’ll damage others in congress, perhaps including Ryan, because he just can’t understand why people are so livid over his “one little word.”

Amazing, no?

NBC Olympic Mediocrity

I’m not an avid fan of hip hop but I am an avid fan of this guy —>